Thursday, 07 December 2023
Turkey's new Indigenous weapon systems produced in Konya are on display for the first time

Turkey's new Indigenous weapon systems produced in Konya are on display for the first time

Medium caliber barrels, which are nationalized by ASELSAN Konya and will provide fire support for different platforms, were introduced for the first time at SAHA EXPO.

ASELSAN Konya, which develops weapon systems within the Turkish defense industry, exhibited the localized 40 mm light automatic grenade launcher, 30 mm light electrically actuated automatic cannon, 30 mm electrically actuated automatic cannon and 35 mm electrically actuated automatic cannon at SAHA EXPO organized by SAHA Istanbul.

Chairman of the Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, reminded that ASELSAN established ASELSAN Konya with businessmen from Konya and said that the company operates for the localization of new and foreign systems.

Emphasizing that the exhibited products show that the works are progressing step by step and some of them have matured, Demir said that “When the qualification processes are completed, they will be ready to enter the inventory. Good luck to our country and our army."

"We want our soldiers to be comfortable"

Bülent Işık, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of ASELSAN Konya, stated that “they have put the systems they have been working on for a long time to the service of the country. The weight of the 40 mm grenade launcher is half compared to its counterparts. A product that can be transported more easily in terms of logistics. In operational terms, we want our units, institutions and soldiers to be comfortable and spend their energy in the right place. We are working in this direction.”

Işık stated that “The prototype verification work of the 30/113 mm helicopter nose gunner has also been completed. We will start real model production and testing soon. There is also a 30/173 mm gun among our products. Their features are weapon systems imported from abroad. By producing them in our country, we eliminate our dependence on abroad. These are electric-propelled guns rather than conventional. They are new generation weapon systems that eliminate some problems and contaminations caused by ammunition under normal conditions.”