Friday, 01 December 2023
A New Attraction Opens in Konya, Set to Captivate Visitors

A New Attraction Opens in Konya, Set to Captivate Visitors

The Fragrance Garden added to Observation Hill, one of the favorite parks in Selçuklu, offers visitors a visual feast with 128 species of plants.

Selçuklu Municipality, which adds value to the city through its investments, recently added two important locations to Observation Hill, one of Konya's prominent places. Alongside Selçuklu Seyir Cafe, the Fragrance Garden is one of these additions. The Fragrance Garden, covering an area of 7,500 square meters, features 128 different species of fragrant plants, 16 bench areas, 8 rose beds, and a 1,650-square-meter walking path.

The Fragrance Garden, added to Selçuklu Observation Hill, which offers one of the most beautiful views in Konya, is attracting significant interest from the public. Visitors to the Fragrance Garden are enjoying a peaceful environment among fragrant flowers.

Selçuklu Municipality Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı stated, "With the Fragrance Garden, we have added a beautiful visual and olfactory dimension to the place where our fellow citizens can relax and spend quality time, away from the stress of city life, thanks to its clean air and green spaces. In our country, where we experience all four seasons, we have a great diversity of plant species. With the aim of introducing Turkey's plant diversity to children and our fellow citizens, we have created such a pleasant place in Konya's most elegant area. Since its opening, our garden has received significant attention, allowing our fellow citizens to both see various flower species and enjoy pleasant scents while taking photographs."