Saturday, 02 December 2023
“A Plateau Paradise” of Konya; Mount Anamas

“A Plateau Paradise” of Konya; Mount Anamas

The plateaus near the slopes of Mt. Anamas which is a continuation of Taurus Mountains in Beyşehir district, in Konya are being the centre of interest for visitors with its atmosphere, nature and spectacular views.


Mt. Anamas is a symbol for Beyşehir district, in Konya and famous for its forests and springs. There are plenty of plateaus in Mt. Anamas and it is one of the primary preferences of nature lovers during high temperatures. 

Mt. Anamas is located between Beyşehir district, in Konya and Yenişarbademli district, in Isparta. It is rich with its large plateaus and hosts its visitors during summer time.

It is possible to see all the impressive colours of nature, endemic flora, historical and cultural structures, and plateaus which have charming springs. The place offers to nature lovers unforgettable memories.  

Mt. Anamas adds value to its view with the help of the unique beauty of Lake Beyşehir. There are a lot of plateaus such as Melikler, Ağıllıca, Malanda, Anamas, Ağras, Çataloluk, Kızoluk, İslibucak, and Muslu which are the most known ones.

Besides visiting the plateaus, in these natural places trekking, photo safari, bird watching, mountaineering, spelunking, camping and caravan tourism can also be done. 

It is covered with forests including various kinds of trees such as spruce, pine, deodar, juniper, oak, boxwood, and ash. There are plateaus between altitudes of 1400 and 2100 metres, cool weather conditions and these places are especially preferred by people who get exhausted from heat.    

The plateaus in the mountain include lots of fountains and springs and the 55 kilometres route to the mountain goes between Beyşehir and Yeşildağ offers a spectacular view with its wiggly roads, view of the lake, and the harmony between the green and the blue.

You can drive to the plateaus and if you are camping or having a caravan holiday, you can make a campfire after sunset and live the exotic moment of being alone in the nature.

At night, you can watch the sky, the stars and other celestial bodies in the fresh air and have a good night sleep with the help of high rate oxygen.