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Akşehir; The Middle of the World, the Capital of Laughter, the Land of Nasreddin Hodja

Akşehir; The Middle of the World, the Capital of Laughter, the Land of Nasreddin Hodja

The city, adorned with white blooming apple, plum and cherry trees, was called Belde-i Beyza, or White City, by the Arabs in the past. The beginnings of the cultural richness of Akşehir, whose history dates back to ancient times, date back to the Hittites period. The city, which was called Thymbrion at that time, had great importance as the great "King's Road" passed through it then.

However; the historical importance of Akşehir does not end there. After the Battle of Sakarya, the turning point of the War of Independence, on 18 November 1921, the Western Front Headquarters settled in Akşehir. Commander İsmet İnönü carried out the preparations for the Great Offensive in Akşehir for 9 months and 10 days with the order he received from the Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal. With the participation of Mustafa Kemal, the final preparations were completed and on August 24, 1922, the Western Front Headquarters and affiliated forces moved from Akşehir to Afyon for the Great Offensive. Witnessing the birth of the Great Offensive, Akşehir celebrates this day with enthusiasm as Akşehir Pride Day every year.

It is impossible not to mention Hodja Nasreddin. You can find the Mausoleum of Nasreddin Hodja, the crown jewel of our humor culture, and his statues, in which his jokes are animated, in various parts of the city, and you can take photos right in the "Middle of the World". If you visit Akşehir between July 5-10, you can witness the International Akşehir Nasreddin Hodja Festival, one of the oldest festivals in Turkey, held for the 63rd time this year, and add unforgettable moments to your summer vacation with dozens of entertaining events.

When you visit Akşehir, which has unique beauties with its history, nature and culture, do not go without visiting Hıdırlık, where you can watch the whole city view! You can get rid of the summer heat by enjoying the beautiful mountain air while you are having your drink, and at the same time, you can taste the city-specific gourmet delicacies at Akşehir Municipality Hıdırlık Sofrası.

Two thousand Akşehir Houses, which are lined up in rows, with bay windows, which preserve examples of civil architecture from the past to the present, impress people with their historical texture. While the restoration works of these houses continue to be carried out by Akşehir Municipality, 460 houses have been restored so far. There are 33 houses still under restoration.

Akşehir historical bazaar, where tradesmen and craftsmen practice, is a place that must be visited and even shopping.

Another example of historical places of the city is Takkasızlar Konağı. It is in the style of a Boutique Hotel, appealing to those who seek sincere and friendly service with its unique style and original design, carries deep traces from the past to the present with its hundreds of years of memories. While the Historical Armenian Church, whose restoration was completed by Akşehir Municipality, fascinates people with its magnificent acoustics and architecture, the restored Yukarı Bath will soon begin to host its guests as a restaurant without spoiling the appearance of the bath.

In addition, the restoration works of the Priest's House, which is also next to the Armenian Church, are continuing, and when this restoration is completed, this historical place on the street where the historical houses are located will serve its guests in the style of a boutique hotel. In the Nasreddin Hodja House, which was restored by the Akşehir Municipality, Nasreddin Hodja's anecdotes are animated with hyperrealistic sculptures, allowing the guests who visit this place to enjoy being with Nasreddin Hodja in an authentic and mystical atmosphere.

Furthermore, Akşehir City Forest, which attracts local and foreign guests with its delicious food, magical atmosphere, waterfall and clean air, is an important place in terms of natural tourism potential.

Located on the skirts of the Sultan Mountains, Akşehir has a very rich potential in terms of mountain tourism. The highest point of Akşehir is Gelincik Main Hill, which is 2610 meters high. Therefore, the mountains are very suitable for climbing, hiking and camping. In addition, national and international paragliding championships are held almost every year.

Local dishes of Akşehir almost reflect a culture of its own, and the lifestyle of Anatolia. Geographically Indicated Akşehir Tandır Kebab, Herse, Cheese Baklava, Meat Bread, Zülbiye, Bulamaç Soup, thick pastry and hundreds of other flavors continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Akşehir, with a population approaching 100 thousand, is one of the most beautiful cities of Central Anatolia. Registered Akşehir Cherry, which even the Royal Family cannot give up with its color, flavor and taste, is frequently mentioned in Turkey and abroad.

Akşehir, with its 3 official museums, mosques, masjids, tombs, baths and historical church, which are not even found in many cities, allows us to see the lifestyles of the past from a different perspective.

One of the important cultures of the Ahi order, the tradition of “Sıra Yarenliği” is also kept alive by the Akşehir Municipality today. Akşehir Municipality Sıra Yarenleri perform shows for the domestic and foreign guests, include them in their plays, and make sure they have fun and lots of laughter. Akşehir, the middle of the world, proves to you how hospitable it is by welcoming everyone with its lush orchards, clean air, natural and historical textures to visit, sincere and smiling people.