Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Another Sightseeing Route in Konya! The Lotus Garden Impresses With Its Natural Beauty

The lotus garden, which was brought to tourism this year in Beyşehir Lake in Konya's Beyşehir district, fascinates with its beauty.

The lotus garden located off the Çiftlik Mahallesi of Beyşehir, which is located on the shore of Beyşehir Lake, Turkey's largest freshwater lake, has become the new attraction and attraction center of the region in the summer period.

The lotus garden, which can be reached by excursion boats moving through the reeds, fascinates those who see it with its green texture while passing by waterfowl.

The lotus garden, which started to organize trial tours last year, was brought to the service of tourism this year upon increasing interest. Hunters who earn their living by fishing in the region started to turn to this sector, while the increasing tourism activity in the summer period made them smile. In the fishing port, excursion boats that now organize tours to the garden have started to work overtime.

Not only from Konya and its surroundings, but also expats from abroad and those who come to see the lotus garden from every corner of Turkey are impressed by the natural beauties they see. Visitors who see the lotus flowers they come to by boats closely share the natural beauties on their social media accounts. While the lotus garden attracts the attention of the photography community, it is also considered as an outdoor natural photography studio for photographers for bride-groom shots from time to time.

İbrahim Erdoğan, who organized a boat tour to the lotus garden, said that they also fished in Beyşehir Lake, but with the introduction of the lotus garden to tourism in the summer period, they turned to the tourism sector with their colleagues.

Stating that the tourism and visitor mobility in the region, which started with trial tours last year, has gained momentum this year due to the increasing interest and emphasizing that the number of boats organizing tours to the lotus garden has also increased, Erdoğan said: This year, we have been continuing our trips to the lotus garden for 3-4 months. Our guests are coming, we are trying to help them. The tours, which start at 8 a.m. in Turkey's largest lotus garden, continue until sunset moments until 6 p.m.

At the moment, the number of boats is around 6-7, we take turns going on tours. With the recognition of this place in social media and the news made, the number of our visitors is increasing day by day. Visitors come not only from Konya and its surroundings but also from all over Turkey. In fact, our expats from abroad come here to see the lotus garden.