Friday, 14 June 2024
Bolkar Mountains: A Trekkers' Paradise

Bolkar Mountains: A Trekkers' Paradise

The Bolkar Mountains span across the regions of Niğde, Konya, and Mersin in central and southern Turkey, boasting a wide expanse and towering height, concealing an array of marvels on their foothills and summits, including the Karagöl and Çinili glacial lakes.


In spring and summer, the lakes appear unremarkable, but as soon as the initial snowfall graces the tectonic mountain range, the lakes present a mesmerizing spectacle for visitors, both novice and seasoned mountaineers alike, who challenge themselves by scaling the peaks.


Emerging as glaciers that formed from mountain erosion, the lakes are adorned with indigenous flora and fauna, such as foxes, wild horses, squirrels, and birds of prey, attracting nature enthusiasts who enjoy trekking and photographers who seek to capture the natural world in its finest form.


The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization designated the Karagöl and Çinili lakes, along with the Meydan Plateau, as protected areas in 2017.