Saturday, 02 December 2023
Cultural Tour From Seljul to Söğüt Ended

Cultural Tour From Seljul to Söğüt Ended

Bilecik and Söğüt cultural tours continued by Selçuklu Municipality with the slogan "From Past to Future from Seljuk to Söğüt" have come to an end.

While one thousand 440 citizens benefited from the completed 5th stage, 6 thousand 500 Seljuk grandchildren visited the center of a great history extending from the Principality to the Ottoman Empire.

With the cultural project of Selçuklu Municipality "From Past to Future from Seljuk to Söğüt", daily visits were made to Bilecik and Söğüt by high-speed train.

Every day, teams of 40 people departed from Konya Train Station to Bilecik with YHT at 06.00 in the morning. Citizens who went to Bilecik within the scope of the cultural tour also visited the historical and unique beauties of Bilecik, the district of Söğüt, where Osman Gazi laid the foundations of the Ottoman Principality and was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a while, and the tomb of Ertuğrul Gazi, who conquered Söğüt.

Selçuklu Municipality, which prioritizes the satisfaction of the citizens participating in the Bilecik and Söğüt trip, provided close to 100% satisfaction while providing the best service throughout the trip. Within the scope of the event, all details of which were considered to the finest detail, the consideration of many details such as transportation by high-speed train, food organization, recycling with surveys, accompanying the emergency vehicle to the caravan and presenting the souvenir photo of the trip to the citizens in a framed manner were among the factors that made the trip successful.