Thursday, 18 July 2024
Derbent Aladağ Ski Resort

Derbent Aladağ Ski Resort

In Aladağ, which offers the opportunity to ski with its natural tracks in Konya with an altitude of 2 thousand 385 meters, those who come to the ski center, whose investment continues, enjoy skiing in the snow with sleds.

Aladağ Ski Center, which is aimed to be among the top 5 pistes of Turkey with its 30-kilometer track length, snow structure and social facilities, also attracts attention with its natural beauties in the region.

Young people, children and the elderly who flock to Aladağ, which is located in Derbent district, 65 kilometers away from the city center, especially at the weekend, ski with the sleds they rent.

Derbent Mayor Hüseyin Ayten said that after the ongoing investments are completed, they aim to make Aladağ Ski Center one of the alternative centers of winter tourism.

"The number of annual visitors is approaching 100 thousand," Ayten said, adding that there are days when 3,000 guests arrive depending on the weather.