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Discover the Natural Beauty of Gürleyen Canyon in Konya

Discover the Natural Beauty of Gürleyen Canyon in Konya

Located within the borders of Hadim district and recognized among the most extraordinary canyons of Turkey, Gürleyen Canyon was discovered in 1999 by Konya Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Search-Rescue Club (KONDAK). Every year, activities are organized by mountaineering and outdoor sports clubs in Gürleyen Canyon which contains the fascinating beauties sought by canyon hikers. The presence of such a magnificent canyon in Konya, known as a flat plain, arouses great interest in visitors from outside the city and abroad.

Gürleyen (Say) Canyon is a very pleasant watery track that reaches a length of 10 km within the borders of Hadim district of Konya. Canyon valley density limestone with rock walls of up to 400,500 meters in the upper ceiling part, which sometimes closes and forms tunnels in the upper ceiling part of the canyon that narrows by 1.2 meters from time to time and expands by 20.30 meters. It is located in the high part of the Taşeli plateau, which consists of a mixture of time and 1 time terrain.

The canyon, which has been fed by the sources of the Göksu river and formed for millions of years, is 3. The rapid rise of our country at the time of rainy periods and 4. With its strong hydrographic features due to time glacial melting, Göksu has formed 100 kilometers of canyon valleys like Gürleyen (Say) Canyon in the river valley. Considering the flow rate of the water participating in the canyon such as precipitation and HEPP and taking the necessary precautions, it is useful to be careful in the canyons where 10 - 18 degrees are passed from the cold waters by swallowing in many stages.

Photography and nature lovers will have the opportunity to see the visual feast of cherry, walnut, apple, and poplar trees, especially in autumn, as well as to procure and to taste the completely organic products grown by the villagers.