Saturday, 02 December 2023
Düden Waterfall: Konya's Gem

Düden Waterfall: Konya's Gem

There is a natural wonder that creates a waterfall in the stream named Keldere, which flows through a cave on the slope of a grand mountain on the road of Camlik neighborhood in Derebucak and is known as “Düden Hole” among locals. The water from Düden Waterfall also reaches the agricultural areas of Gembos Plain, which is the most important agricultural storehouse of the region. The water flow in this waterfall, which surges with the rainfalls in winter and spring, stops from the end of summer until autumn. However, the bright white waterfall, which surges with the increasing waters starting from the spring, adds a separate beauty to the region. From a distance, it seems like milk is flowing from the waterfall toward the stream instead of water. All of these beautiful views have attracted the close attention of photography enthusiasts and nature lovers for a long time.

In recent years, the Düden Waterfall and its surroundings, which have become a symbol of the Derebucak district, known as the "Cave Paradise", seem to be turning into a lavender garden where bees roam around in a short time. Recently, within the scope of the lavender cultivation and lavender honey production training project carried out by the District Agriculture and Forestry Directorate with the financial support of the Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration and the contributions of the municipality, 10,000 lavender plants were planted with the participation of the Süleyman Demirel University Beyşehir Nature Hiking Student Community. In the near future, Düden Waterfall will become a magnificent beauty that dominates with purple colors, smells of lavender everywhere, and the sounds of bees mixing with the silence, gaining fame in Konya and throughout the country.

The waters of Düden Waterfall, especially in the spring period, add a separate beauty and color to the region as they become active.

In Derebucak, the waters flowing from a cave called Keldere, which creates a waterfall into the stream and is known as "Düden Hole" by the locals, reach the Gembos Plain, which is the most important agricultural warehouse in the region, providing fertility to the agricultural areas here. In Düden Waterfall, the water flow stops at the end of summer and during the autumn period. However, with the rains in the winter and spring seasons, the water flow is revived and begins to move again. The waters flowing from the waterfall, which appear milky white, towards the stream below, attract the attention of photography enthusiasts as well as visitors to the region.