Saturday, 02 December 2023
Enchanting Beauty of Arkıtça Paved Road and Cave

Enchanting Beauty of Arkıtça Paved Road and Cave

Arkıtça Valley, a mysterious natural wonder waiting to be discovered, offers a unique experience to nature lovers in the Hadim district of Konya. In this region, a journey from the center of the Hadim district towards the Bozkır district takes you to a magnificent combination of history and nature.


After traveling about 3 km from the main road in the first stage of your journey, you are greeted with a stunning view. A gravel road branches off to the right, leading you to Arkıtça Paved Road. This road stretches over the valley among juniper trees, and around 200 m of it has been preserved until today. However, there have been recent collapses in some sections. Dating back approximately 2,000 years, this road is paved with stone blocks and is locally referred to as the "Arkıtça Paved Road," while the valley through which the road passes is known as the "Arkıtça Valley."

As you continue following the paved road for about 10 minutes, you embark on a discovery surrounded by majestic rocks. This magnificent road, with a width of 3-4 meters, is covered with historic stone blocks that date back thousands of years. The Arkıtça Paved Road offers a journey into the texture of time, immersing you in the past, while the natural beauty of the valley it passes through presents breathtaking scenery.


If this historic paved road can be preserved, it will become an appealing route for nature enthusiasts, hikers, photographers, and cyclists, and it will contribute significantly to tourism as an important destination. Furthermore, in the deep and beautiful valley where this historic paved road is located, there is an intriguing cave. The cave possesses a mysterious appearance and has maintained its natural structure. The entrance is wide enough for a truck to pass through. During rainy weather, water flows from the valley towards the cave, creating a cool atmosphere at the entrance. It is said that the cave extends approximately 500 meters in length, but as you venture deeper into the interior, it narrows, and dark areas where sunlight cannot reach are formed. Therefore, entering the cave without a guide and the necessary equipment and safety precautions can be risky.


Arkıtça Valley is truly a natural wonder with its natural beauty and historical richness. This region invites nature lovers to an adventure filled with enchanting landscapes and undiscovered secrets. If you are seeking an unforgettable nature experience, get ready to be captivated by the magic of Arkıtça Valley!