Saturday, 02 December 2023
Fascinating Beauty; Konya Tulip Field

Fascinating Beauty; Konya Tulip Field

Konya Tulip Field; Asian Tulip fields waiting for its visitors in Konya/Karatay, which offers a unique feast where you can see tulips with different colors in appearance. Tourists are also of great interest in tulips in this area, which grow in large numbers and coexist. It is known that approximately 50 million tulips are located in the field and continue to be grown. For nature and photography enthusiasts, this field is added to the places to visit. Thanks to the naturalness of the flowers and the color confusion that occurs, it is among the areas worth seeing.

This field is located in Konya province. The city of Konya is home to these tulips. As it is known, there are many touristic places to visit and see in Konya. If you fall on your way to Konya, visit this tulip field, which is 500 acres in size. You can also come across many foreign tourists who come abroad to see this tulip field.

It is visited a lot by people who love flowers and nature. Another most important reason is that very beautiful photo frames can be captured in this field. That's why the field is overflowing with photographers and visitors who want to take pictures. It creates a beautiful environment for capturing landscape visuals.

Features include:

  • Multiple tulip seeds are produced.
  • It consists of colorful tulips.
  • It belongs to a company in Konya city.
  • It has a land of 500 acres.
  • It is referred to as the rainbow on the ground.
  • It is known that tulip varieties have 130 different pieces.
  • It accepts domestic and international visitors.