Monday, 26 February 2024
French Tourists Enjoy Etliekmek at Meke Lake

French Tourists Enjoy Etliekmek at Meke Lake

Meke Lake in the Karapınar district of Konya attracts foreign tourists who travel with caravans even in the winter season.

Despite it being winter, tourists arriving in Turkey with caravans explore the natural beauties in Karapınar and make sure not to leave without visiting Meke Lake.

The American couple, Joseph Reincke and his French wife Amélie Vastel Reincke, who set out from France with their caravans and traveled through many European countries, took a break at Meke Lake upon reaching Turkey.

Tourists who watched the sunset and sunrise camped at Meke Lake for two days. The couple also enjoyed Konya's Etliekmek offered to them during their stay.

The Reincke couple, sharing that they left France four months ago, said, "We are married and live together in our caravan in France. We traveled through Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria to reach Turkey. We have been traveling in Turkey for three months now. We headed south along the Mediterranean coast towards Datça. We visited historical sites like Troy, Ephesus, and Pamukkale. Additionally, we spent time working on two different farms with Turkish people. The Turkish people are very friendly and kind."

"We've enjoyed sharing our culture and learning about Turkish culture. Our favorite foods became “Çiğköfte” and “Etliekmek”. We had a great time at Meke Lake; it's truly beautiful. You have a wonderful country, and we really enjoy visiting. We'll be exploring Turkey for another three weeks. It's such a beautiful country, and the people are very hospitable. We visit cultural sites and meet people. The food in Turkey is amazing. We'd love to come back in a warmer season. We've been camping at Meke Lake for two days. It's a very peaceful place, but it's sad that there's no water. Nevertheless, it's still an interesting place," they said.