Monday, 26 February 2024
From thermal pools to the snowy hillsides

From thermal pools to the snowy hillsides

There is not such a special time to visit Konya. The city is full of activities both in summers and in winters. 

Recently, with Karatay Thermal holiday village which is only away 40 kilometers from the city center, there have been different kinds of winter holiday concepts. Visitors enjoy hot thermal pools and they also have the chance to go to Derbent Aladağ Ski Resort and get the opportunity to ski from the snowy hillsides. 

Moreover, there is another thermal facility in Seydişehir district and it encourages this trend. Visitors can both enjoy in the hot pools and go skiing in the snowy mountains on the same day. 

İsmil Karatay Thermal Holiday Village, Seydişehir Thermal Facilities, Derbent Aladağ Ski Resort; these facilities make Konya a completely different place in winter…