Friday, 08 December 2023
German Tourist Family at Meke Lake

German Tourist Family at Meke Lake

The German family, who embarked on a world tour with their caravans, took a break in the Karapınar district of Konya and rested at Meke Lake.


The German family, who set out on a world tour with their caravans on May 5th and arrived in Turkey on August 4th, traveled to many cities in Turkey.


Michael Burger and Anelza Denzel, along with their daughter Magdalena Rahrer, who came to Meke Lake in the Karapınar district, set up camp with their caravans for 2 days, watching the sunset and sunrise.


German retiree Michael Burger, stating that he retired, expressed that they arrived in Turkey on August 4th after traveling to countries such as Italy, Albania, and Greece.



Michael Burger, while noting that the view of Meke Lake is perfect but expressing sadness about its dryness, said, “Drought is a global issue. People should be aware of water and drought. Nevertheless, Meke Lake still captivates our interest. Watching the sunset and sunrise is enjoyable.” The German family was hosted at the business of İbrahim Bütüner, who runs a shop in the district, and they were shown Turkish hospitality.