Saturday, 02 December 2023
Karacadağ: A Paradise for Paragliding Enthusiasts

Karacadağ: A Paradise for Paragliding Enthusiasts

Karacadağ, which is situated in the Karapınar district of Konya and boasts natural beauty, has recently been attracting the attention of paragliders.


Karacadağ, located at an elevation of 2,000 meters, poses challenges for transportation by road due to its steep incline. However, it is expected to invigorate nature tourism in Konya.


The high-altitude plains surrounding the mountain, adorned with green meadows, are fed by spring rains. The region's steep slopes and elevation, however, make road transportation challenging.


In recent years, the Karacadağ lakes, which have captured the interest of nature enthusiasts, are also attracting the attention of paragliding enthusiasts.


It is expected that Karacadağ in the Karapınar district, with Meke Lake and Acıgöl Lake standing out as popular destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists, will invigorate nature tourism.


Karapınar District Governor, Oğuz Cem Murat, stated that Karacadağ has been hosting nature tourism in recent years.


Murat emphasized that Karacadağ has hosted various civilizations in the past and stated the following:


"This area is also home to numerous castle ruins. It offers incredible beauty with its valleys, lakes, plateaus, and canyons. We have different types of endemic plants on this mountain. We have a beautiful Ovacık Lake as well, which serves as a habitat for rare bird species. We invite you to come and discover the beauties of Karacadağ. Observe how the volcanic mountain formed, appreciate the stunning lakes, and observe the rare bird species."


Murat stated that there is a paragliding center in the region and mentioned, "Flights to Karacadağ are organized from here. You can observe these beauties from the air. I invite everyone to explore Karacadağ and Karapınar. All the beauty of Karacadağ is calling out to you."