Friday, 08 December 2023
Konya-Taşkent, the Land of Historical Beauties

Konya-Taşkent, the Land of Historical Beauties

Taşkent, formerly "Pirlerkondu", is a town and district of Konya Province in the Mediterranean Sea region of Turkey. Taşkent is located at the southernmost tip of the province, in the Taşeli part of the Middle Taurus Mountains, in the Göksu Basin, on a mountainous and rocky area. It literally means The Stone City. According to 2000 census, population of the district is 46,396 of which 10,779 live in the town of Taşkent. Today, Taşkent District consists of 9 settlements as Afşar, Balcılar, Bolay, Çetmi, Ilıcapınar, Keçimen, Kongul and Sazak with the center.

As a result of the excavations and researches, it is understood that Taşkent is a very old settlement based on various ruins and finds dating back to the Hittite and Roman periods. In Taşkent, which was under the domination of the Seljuks, Karamanoğulları and Ottomans, historical and cultural artifacts belonging to these civilizations are encountered. Historical monuments such as “Ballar” and “Emirler” fountains, “Boğaz”, “Cibi” and “İmirzala” bridges and “Şeyh Mosque” are just some of them. In the district, there are natural beauties such as pine forests, eagle's nest, cold water sources, “Borbaşı”, “Erenler Forest”, “Qibla Rock”, “Mihrap Park”, “Tatar Boat” and “Green Valley”, as well as valleys and plateaus where you can camp such as” Barçın” and “Feslikan Plateau”, “Çetmi Ayboğazı” Waterfall.

In the district where handicrafts develop, beekeeping, carpet making, shoemaking, blacksmithing and especially knife making are done. Taşkent Knives, which are famous throughout the country, are also exported to numerous countries.

Various festivals are organized in order to promote Taşkent, which has trained many scholars and scholars throughout history, and to ensure the unity and solidarity of the people and to keep their customs and traditions alive. In recent years, the Taşkent Culture, Art and Honey Festival has been replaced by the Tourism and Cherry Festival, and thus it is aimed to develop fruit growing and promote local delicacies. In Taşkent, dried meat is usually added to every dish cooked. In the district where “Heyre”, which is obtained as a result of roasting flour with butter and cooking it in slurry with molasses, is very famous, the local flavors called Gocak (Big) Pod, Etli Gabak, Sütlü Gabak, Köftü are well known.