Friday, 14 June 2024
Konya: The Brand City of Turkey

Konya: The Brand City of Turkey

For those who want to travel during the Eid Al-adha (Feast of the Sacrifice), Konya offers an easily accessible option with the High-Speed Train. Konya is a city that combines history, culture, and nature tourism, making it a worthwhile destination to visit in any season. Hosting a 10,000-year-old heritage, Konya stands out with its museums, local culinary culture, and spiritual atmosphere.



Konya is home to numerous natural and historical treasures waiting to be discovered. The Science Center, Tropical Butterfly Garden, Panorama Museum, Ecdat Garden, Sille, Kilistra, Alaaddin Hill, İnce Minaret, Meram Vineyards, and Yerköprü Waterfall are just a few examples. Additionally, there are hidden beauties awaiting exploration in districts such as Beyşehir, Akşehir, Seydişehir, Hadim, Ereğli, Karapınar, Ilgın, and Cihanbeyli.



The Tropical Butterfly Garden, which is one of Konya's significant tourist attractions, is situated in a 7,600-square-meter area. The garden houses over 20,000 tropical plants of more than 172 species, along with thousands of butterflies, making it a center where the life stages of butterflies can be observed. The garden also features visitor areas such as the Butterfly Museum, Insect Museum, and Nature Education Classroom. Various activities are organized for students, while special programs like interactive exhibits, painting, and handicraft activities are held during weekends for a hands-on experience.



Konya cuisine also offers visitors delicious options. This cuisine, which was cooked in the Seljuk palace, matured in the Mevlevi kitchen, and was influenced by Çatalhöyük, experienced its golden age, especially during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Among the classic dishes of Konya cuisine, you can find okra soup, Arabasi soup, Kesme soup, Almond soup, Meat-stuffed grape leaves, Furun kebab, Etliekmek, Roast meat, and Konya Tirit. As for desserts, Höşmerim, Semolina halva, Sacarası, Pumpkin dessert, and Stuffed figs stand out as the highlights.



Konya offers an unforgettable holiday experience with its historical and cultural richness, as well as its gastronomy and natural beauty. For those who want to travel during the Eid Al-adha, Konya can be a destination waiting to be explored.