Friday, 24 May 2024
Konya's Fasıh Cave: Awaiting Discovery

Konya's Fasıh Cave: Awaiting Discovery

Fasıh Cave is located between the Susuz and Çatmakaya neighborhoods, at the point where İnboğazi meets the shore of Lake Suğla, between Kırklar and Kızıldağ Hill. The cave, which was discovered by French cavers in 1970, is 15 meters deep and 50 meters long.

For those seeking an adventure beyond the usual tourist trails, Fasıh Cave presents a captivating prospect.

Situated between Kırklar Hill and Kızıldağ Hill, the cave suggests potential for speleological wonders. The close proximity to the lake hints at the possibility of breathtaking vistas and a refreshing ambience.

Fash Cave is a horizontal cave with a gentle slope that is active during wet seasons. There have been landslides at the entrance of the spring-type cave, and large blocks have been piled up covering the entrance. During wet seasons, the waters arriving here from the Arvana Plateau, Karakışla, and Tınaz Cave ponors burst out with considerable pressure due to the level difference. For this reason, both in front of and inside the cave, there are large sand and gravel storages and sand in piles on the ground. Due to the water staying inside for a long time, the walls and ceiling of the cave are plastered with mud. During the summer periods when the precipitation is low, a small lake is formed inside, and the waters create a sump at the exit of the cave.