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Konya's Hidden Treasure Captivates Visitors

Konya's Hidden Treasure Captivates Visitors

The Yerköprü Waterfall located in Konya's Hadim district is captivating observers with the unparalleled beauty offered by nature.


The Yerköprü Waterfall, which is Konya's hidden treasure, continues to enchant those who see it. Located in Konya, the gem of the Central Anatolia region, this waterfall, with its natural beauty, has become a focal point of interest for the locals and attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Here are the details you're curious about regarding Konya's hidden treasure, the Yerköprü Waterfall.


The Yerköprü Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall located over the Göksu River, belonging to the Hadim district of Konya. It is situated 110 kilometers away from the center of Konya. The Yerköprü Waterfall offers a breathtaking view that will captivate everyone with the unique beauty nature has bestowed upon it. The best time to visit this waterfall is in June. During this month, the colorful appearance of oleanders is complemented by the blossoms of other trees, turning the waterfall into a veritable garden of paradise.



The formation of the Yerköprü Waterfall is related to the ancient bed of the Göksu River. The river descends to a depth of approximately 30 meters here, forming a natural bridge over the river. Despite the surrounding area of the bridge being quite high and rocky (about 300-400 meters), the surface of the bridge itself is smooth and resembles a garden filled with various plant species. From this bridge situated 30 meters above the river, water emerges between the rocks and flows from above into the mouth of a tunnel where the river descends to the depths, giving rise to the waterfall. As a result, the source of the waterfall is not the river itself, but rather the water from this bridge. Since the water volume remains constant throughout the year, the vegetation on the bridge remains undisturbed.


Citizens who wish to visit the Yerköprü Waterfall are searching for the answer to the question "How to get to the waterfall?" By following the Hadim asphalt road and traveling about 121 kilometers from the exit of Konya, there is a turn towards Aladağ Village on the left side, which is about 10 kilometers before reaching Hadim. After proceeding on this road for 29 kilometers, you will reach the intersection for the Bademli road on the right side. Taking the Bademli road and traveling 600 meters will lead you to the Yerköprü Waterfall. The total distance from Konya via this route is 150 kilometers.