Friday, 08 December 2023
Konya's Lotus Garden to be Introduced to the World

Konya's Lotus Garden to be Introduced to the World

The lotus garden, located in Beyşehir Lake National Park, will be introduced with the cooperative established. The awareness of the lotus garden, which was discovered in previous years in Çiftlik Neighborhood, which is located on the shore of Beyşehir Lake, is increasing day by day.

The lotus garden, which is located among the reeds on the shore, has recently become a source of income for the fishermen and residents living in the region. The number of tours organized to the lotus garden has intensified with the increase of excursion boat owners. The owners of the excursion boats came together under the roof of a cooperative they established.

The area that fascinates the onlookers on the shores of the Beyşehir Lake, which is shown as the largest lotus garden of Turkey with its length of about 7 kilometers, has become the new attraction and attraction center of the district this year with the increasing visitor traffic.

The water lilies blooming on Beyşehir Lake surface at sunrise and go under water in the afternoon. Water lilies amaze visitors.

Visitors take plenty of photos and videos in the area they come from, take selfies and share these images on their social media accounts.