Saturday, 02 December 2023
Lake Beyşehir

Lake Beyşehir

A lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, surrounded by land, and distinct from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake. Lakes lie on land and are not part of the ocean, although, like the much larger oceans, they do form part of the Earth's water cycle.

Natural lakes are usually found in mountainous areas, rift zones and areas of ongoing glaciation, while other lakes are found in endorheic basins or along the course of mature rivers where a river channel widens into a basin.


Lake Beyşehir is a large freshwater lake located in the provinces of Konya in southwestern Turkey. It is Turkey's largest freshwater lake.

The lake is fed by streams flowing from the mountain, and although it is a national park, it is also used for irrigation and aquaculture.

There are 32 islets of various sizes in the lake, and it is an important spot for many bird species.