Monday, 26 February 2024
Meram Vineyard Became the Best Route of 2023

Meram Vineyard Became the Best Route of 2023

Meram Vineyard, revived through the initiatives of Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş, has become one of the most preferred places in 2023 with its legendary beauty.

Meram Vineyard, located in an area of 18,000 square meters at the intersection of Yeni Meram and Meram Yaka Streets, brought to life with grapevines, fruit orchards, stone houses, and a summer tea garden, provided visitors with unforgettable moments through molasses and bulgur boiling events in 2023.

The efforts to enhance the green texture of Meram, whose fame transcends national borders with its natural conservation areas, pristine air, life-giving waters, colorful nature, and every shade of green it harbors, continued uninterrupted in 2023.

Mustafa Kavuş stated, "With the investments made, the greenery of Meram has now increased significantly. We have planted over a million trees and plants. The historical Meram Bridge area now serves our fellow citizens with a more magnificent appearance than before. With the Great Larende Transformation, a new green and social area will be added to our district and city. The vineyard and fruit orchard we have created in the 18,000 m² area at the intersection of Yeniyol and Yaka Streets contribute significantly to both the green space in our district and tourism."