Friday, 08 December 2023
Meram Vineyard Opens for the New Season

Meram Vineyard Opens for the New Season

The Meram Vineyard, which was opened by the Meram Municipality last year, has reopened its doors for the 2023 spring-summer season as spring shows its face.

Meram Vineyard, which was established in an area of 18,000 square meters in Meram, has reopened its doors for the new season as the weather warms up. With its unique concept, Meram Vineyard, which includes a vineyard, fruit garden, stone house, and summer tea garden, awaits its guests.

Meram Mayor Kavuş stated that Meram Vineyard, which houses a thousand grapevines, about 200 fruit trees, a stone house representing the ancient Konya civilization, and a summer tea garden that provides visitors with a peaceful environment, has become the new destination of the city. "It has made a significant contribution to the district's green texture, historical mission, social life, and tourism. Here, we experienced an ancient culture together by boiling molasses on the opening day. We will relive this event in a festival atmosphere together this fall. I invite all fellow citizens and visitors from outside to experience this beauty," Kavuş said.

Meram Bağı, covering an area of 18,000 square meters, was designed by the Meram Municipality to be in line with the original concept of Meram. It includes about 200 fruit trees such as apples, quinces, cherries, plums, apricots, and cornelian cherries. When these fruits are in season, they will be served to the guests visiting the vineyard.

As part of the project, a stone building reflecting the ancient Konya civilization was also built in Meram Vineyard. The structure, with its historical visual appeal, awaits its guests.

Meram Vineyard offers a peaceful environment to its visitors with its summer tea garden. Guests who come to the area to spend pleasant moments can enjoy their tea while also taking the opportunity to rest in the unique beauty of the Gedavet wind.

**Gedavet winds are sweet breezes that suddenly blow during summer nights in Meram, cooling down the heat and relieving people of their discomfort.