Friday, 08 December 2023
Muslim British People Had Emotional Moments in Konya

Muslim British People Had Emotional Moments in Konya

10 people living in the UK who converted to Islam applied to the "Experience Islam in Konya" project, which is carried out in coordination with the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

Those who were entitled to come to Turkey in the interviews and auditions were hosted in Konya with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In the project, which included a training and excursion program, British people in various occupational groups, including pharmacists, psychotherapists and teachers, had the opportunity to see daily life in an Islamic country.

The British, who visited the historical and religious centers in the city and had the opportunity to study Islamic arts, learned the principles of their new religion from academicians who are experts in their fields.

Konya Mufti Ali Öge explained that an 8-day program was organized for foreign guests who were new Muslims within the scope of the project and said:

"We invite our new Muslim brothers and sisters in the US and Europe with a group of 10. They stay here for a week. They visit historical and religious places here. Our brothers and sisters from England are taught by our expert teachers in the fields of Islamic art, history and civilization, hadith, tafsir and the Holy Qur'an. A very nice, exciting and efficient program. I see that the guests are also very satisfied."

Philip Collins (50), who lives in Nottingham, England, said that many things have changed in his life since he chose to become a Muslim.

Collins, who works as a manager at the real estate company, said:

Referring to the fact that he came to Turkey for the second time, Colins said, "I fell in love with almost everything in Turkey. It caught my attention that people went to the mosque at prayer time and ran. It is great to see the traces of Islam in Konya and to examine them on the spot. I learned a lot about Islam through this program. It was incredibly beneficial. Islamic arts have had a great impact on my life."

English teacher Louisa Isabelle Fenton, 40, said she has Muslim friends in her close circle and has long been interested in Islam.

Pointing out that the kindness and respect of the Muslims around him affected him, Fenton said, "I have researched Islamic philosophy and faith. I was impressed by this and became a Muslim about 2 years ago. My family was also happy, they didn't have any negative reactions. We are fortunate to have applied to this program. I am very happy in terms of meeting the Islamic ummah. I have tears in my eyes because of the interest and hospitality here."

Psychotherapist Timothy Masters, 41, said he converted to Islam three months ago.

Explaining that being a Muslim was the result of more than 20 years, Masters said, "I saw some signs in this process. Since I don't have Islamic education, I don't understand what they are. My Muslim friends have been of great help. This year I fasted during Ramadan. As an adult, I accepted Islam. Instead of rejecting this sign that came to my heart, I chose Islam at this age."

Masters, emphasizing that he had attained spiritual peace, said, "I became a Muslim in the neighborhood mosque. It was the Yatsi prayer, and the imam was surprised when he told me I would become a Muslim. After I brought martyrdom, the Muslims around me embraced, hugged and congratulated me. I never expected something like this. I had intense, emotional moments. I was very happy."