Friday, 24 May 2024
New Season for the Wonderful Vineyard in Meram

New Season for the Wonderful Vineyard in Meram

Meram Vineyard, which gives its guests insatiable moments with its natural beauty and keeps the past alive with its molasses and bulghur boiling events, opened its doors for the 2024 season. Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş invited the people of Konya to Meram Vineyard, where the most unique beauties of Meram are experienced.

Meram Vineyard, built by Meram Municipality, opened its doors to its guests for the 2024 season. Meram Vineyard, which was built on an area of 18 thousand square meters at the intersection of Yeni Meram and Meram Yaka Streets, started to host its guests with its vineyard, orchard, stone house and Cafe Garden.


Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş stated that “Meram Vineyard, which has hosted all its guests in the best way since the day it was opened, has become one of the favourite places of the city. The vineyard is also a point of attraction for the guests coming from the other cities. The vineyard, which was put into service in order to introduce the deep-rooted history, greenery and rich culture of the district, has attracted more and more attention over time with its beauty. Meram Vineyard, one of the most beautiful parts of our tourism destination consisting of 9 different points, has become the place of the warmest and deepest conversations in a short time. Our guests have the opportunity to live peaceful hours watching the squirrels play while drinking their tea and coffee under the acorn trees accompanied by bird sounds. In addition, the molasses and bulghur boiling event we held in the vineyard to keep our culture alive has turned into a festival. Our vineyard, equipped with such beauties, again has opened its doors to its guests for the 2024 season. I would like to point out, especially to those who have not seen it, that those who experience the peace here cannot give up this place. We look forward to hosting them.  

About Meram Vineyard

There are approximately 1000 grape vines and 200 fruit trees in the 18,000 m2 Meram Vineyard, which was designed by Meram Municipality in accordance with the original of Green Meram. Apples, quinces, cherries, plums, apricots and jujubes among the fruit trees which are offered to guests when they grow.

Stone House

A stone building reflecting the ancient Konya civilization was also built in Meram Vineyard. The work looks forward to hosting its guests with its historical visuality.

Café Garden

Meram vineyard offers a peaceful environment to its visitors with its outdoor café garden. Guests who come to the area to spend beautiful moments have the opportunity to drink their tea in the summer tea garden and relax in the unique beauty of the Gedavet wind.