Friday, 08 December 2023
Pink Paradise: Akgöl Lake Welcomes Mesmerizing Flamingo Flocks in Konya

Pink Paradise: Akgöl Lake Welcomes Mesmerizing Flamingo Flocks in Konya

Akgöl Lake has undergone a striking transformation with the arrival of migratory flamingos, resulting in a pinkish hue that has captured the attention of local photographers seeking to capture stunning scenes.


Located on a significant migratory bird route in Turkey, Akgöl's reeds serve as a habitat for many species, including the flamingo.


These birds are expected to remain in the vicinity of the lake until the end of the summer, attracting photography enthusiasts and nature lovers with their collective flights, especially at sunset.


According to Tamer Gümüş, the president of the Ereğli Anatolian Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association, the surroundings of Akgöl have come back to life with the onset of spring. He stated that the region is home to many bird species, particularly the flamingo, in this vital reed area for migratory birds. Bird photographers often capture birds at sunrise and sunset, taking advantage of the natural wonders on offer in this rare place.


Bülent Tatır, a local resident, described Akgöl as a bird paradise, with different bird species visiting throughout the summer and winter. The lake becomes even more stunning during the spring, with the rising water levels and birds.


Memduh Ekici, one of the photographers, enjoys taking photos of Akgöl at different times throughout the seasons, regularly visiting the place.


Oğuz Özsarı, a nature enthusiast and member of the Ereğli Mountaineering and Sports Club, mentioned that his group frequently embarks on hiking trips to Akgöl. Every visit to this unique place brings special surprises, providing a profound sense of peace and happiness, escaping the stresses of daily life.