Saturday, 20 July 2024
Polish Tourists Camp in Konya!

Polish Tourists Camp in Konya!

Polish tourists visited Lake Meke and Lake Acıgöl located in the district of Karapınar in Konya.

During the summer season, Lake Meke and Lake Acıgöl, which are natural beauties in the district, are among the most visited places due to easy accessibility. Especially French, German, Swiss, and Dutch tourists visit these lakes.

Tourists visiting Lake Meke despite its drying up, watch the sunset and sunrise, taking plenty of photographs.

The Polish family, Marek and Mitostawa Eva Pawlikowski with their children Martyna and Matylda, enjoyed camping by Lake Meke with their caravan, having a great time together.

Marek Pawlikowski said, "This is our first time in Turkey, and we prefer to explore and camp in places with natural beauty rather than city centers. We prefer places where we can listen to ourselves more. We plan to stay in Turkey for a while longer. Lake Meke has a stunning view, but it's sad that there is no water. Despite this, it is still impressive."