Saturday, 02 December 2023
Protected Caves in Konya Are Waiting for Nature Lovers

Protected Caves in Konya Are Waiting for Nature Lovers

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization's registration of "Güvercinlik" in Konya's Güneysınır district and Körükini and Suluin caves in Derebucak district as "natural assets" will contribute to regional tourism.

Körükini Cave, which is about 500 meters away from Çamlık Neighborhood of Derebucak district of Konya, can be reached by stabilized road. The length of Körükini Cave, one of the addresses known very well by nature lovers, is 1250 meters. The Uzunsu Creek, which passes through the cave, exits from here and reaches the 100-meter-long Değirmen Valley and then the Suluin Cave, also known as Değirmenini. The stream, which progresses by making waterfalls among the giant rock blocks in Suluin Cave, reaches the Great Lake from the cave, which continues as a very wide and high gallery, and from there it opens to the earth with a large mouth with a height of about 30 meters. The locals say that the Körükini and Suluin caves are suitable for boat use and that the appropriate time for visiting is summer and autumn because the water that makes waterfalls among the large rock blocks increases in the spring months.

"There are about 30 caves in the area"

Çamlık District Headman Zeki Can told that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Department of Sensitive Areas Cave Protection Branch Directorate is working in the region, and that walking paths, platforms and lighting will be built in the caves. Explaining that there are about 30 caves in the neighborhood, Can said:

"Our guests are usually familiar with Körükini, Suluin and Balatini cave. Apart from that, we have about 25 other caves. Summer and autumn periods are experiencing an intensity. However, since there is no accommodation in our neighborhood, they can stay for a day. This place is 150 kilometers from the center of Konya. We are at the border point. We border with Antalya, Akseki. After coming to Çamlık Neighborhood, Körükini Cave is 500 meters away from our neighborhood. About 1.5 kilometers from Körükini Cave, the entrance of Suluin Cave is reached. Professional teams can enter the caves. Amateur entry is not allowed. The Uzunsu Creek, which enters from the Körükini Cave, exits from Suluin, and is the river that feeds the Derebucak Dam. Inside the cave there are stalactites, stalagmites and pools. It's worth seeing, and the natural formations are beautiful."

Stating that the caves in the region are under protection as a "nature monument" by the Ministry of Agriculture, Can said that they are pleased with this decision taken by the Ministry. Can said, "The protection of these caves will contribute to both our region and our country. There are figures that are about 1500 years old in a region we call gavurbeşiği These can also be restored and brought to tourism."

130 meters vertical cave: Güvercinlik

Güvercinlik Cave, which is located at an altitude of 1090 meters in Güneybağ Neighborhood of Güneysınır district, is located 130 meters below the ground. In the cave, which can be visited by professionals, it is possible to come across a wide variety of formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and cave milks. Southborder Mayor Ahmet Demir also expressed that he has studies on the cave that will contribute to the districts culturally and said, "God willing, we want to make Güvercinlik Cave more visitable. No one can get off except professional cavers because there is a vertical descent of 130 meters. The ground is about the width of a football field. We have held meetings with the ministries, projects are being prepared."