Saturday, 02 December 2023
Sille Caves to be Brought into Tourism

Sille Caves to be Brought into Tourism

The caves in Sille will be brought into tourism in cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Selçuklu Municipality.


The Selçuklu Municipality, which continues its efforts to revive the 5,000-year-old historical heritage in Sille and transform this area into a significant tourism hub in the country, will also promote the region's caves for tourism.


Selçuklu Municipality, in coordination with Konya Metropolitan Municipality's KUDEB unit and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, as well as relevant departments of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, is diligently working towards restoring Sille to its former glory after being declared a renewal area by Presidential decree. In addition to that, Selçuklu Municipality will also promote the region's mysterious structures, the caves, for tourism.


Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı stated, "Following the restoration efforts in Sille, we are continuing our work to reconstruct the historical and cultural assets that have deteriorated and disappeared, in line with the original structure, in order to restore Sille to its former glory."