Saturday, 02 December 2023
Sille Dam Park

Sille Dam Park

Sille Dam Park, one of Turkey's largest parks, attracts thousands of people who want to escape the daily stresses of life and breathe in the clean air of Sille while spending quality time with their families.



The dam park, which brings Konya residents together with water and has become the city's new attraction, features various recreational areas such as a scout camp center, boat cruising area, kite hill, tea garden, restaurant, mosque, pier, wooden walking paths, grassy amphitheater, children's play areas, and sports facilities.



The Sille Dam is a dam built between 1953 and 1960 on the Sille Creek for irrigation and flood control purposes. It is a rock-fill dam with a regional volume of 320,000 m3 and a height of 39 meters above the riverbed. At the normal water level, the reservoir has a volume of 3.10 million cubic meters and a surface area of 0.20 square kilometers. It serves an irrigation area covering 260 hectares.



Sille Dam Park is one of the largest parks in Turkey, covering an area of 1,985,000 square meters. Within the park, you'll find the Sille Himmet Ölçmen Dam, which has a surface area of 221,000 square meters and a maximum capacity of 2,500,000 cubic meters when full.



Around the dam, there are picnic areas, walking trails, children's playgrounds, and climbing courses. The park also features camping areas intended for students and scouts, and visitors can enjoy boat rides on the lake within the park.