Friday, 01 December 2023
Small Cappadocia: Sille awaits tourists under snow in Konya

Small Cappadocia: Sille awaits tourists under snow in Konya

Once upon a time, the Sille neighborhood was the home of several different cultures and civilizations, living in harmony in the forgotten ages of ancient history. Today, the neighborhood with its pristine historical texture welcomes visitors from every culture to the once Seljuk district of central Turkey's Konya.

The neighborhood, which was one of the important centers of the early Christian period and has hosted many civilizations with its 5,000-year history, draws attention with its texture mainly composed of historical houses.

Born and raised in the historical neighborhood, Celalettin Bulut told that they had been living in the Sille district for three generations and had been working in the production of jug pottery.

Stating that the neighborhood was a place where Muslims and non-Muslims lived together before the population exchange, Bulut said that communities from different cultures maintained very good relations here for years.

"This place is especially beautiful in winter. Foreign tourists say that this place gives the impression of a small Cappadocia, especially because of its caves. In winter, the density (of tourists) decreases. I think that historical houses and places can be visited and be worthwhile in terms of photography," he explained.