Friday, 08 December 2023
Sugla Lake: Where Green Meets Blue in Konya

Sugla Lake: Where Green Meets Blue in Konya

Sugla Lake in the Seydişehir District of Konya, with its lush greenery, deep blue sky, and vegetation, is captivating both local and foreign tourists.


Sugla Lake offers its visitors unique beauty with its natural wonders and vegetation.


The lake, where the local community engages in fishing with boats, has become a point of interest for both domestic and foreign tourists, combining the blue of the sky with the green of the algae.


Many bird species coexist around the lake as well.


As a tectonic lake, the area of Sugla expands significantly during periods of abundant rainfall and shrinks considerably during drought periods, nearly disappearing.


During dry periods, the alluvial lakebed emerges, creating a fertile agricultural area.