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Surrounded by the Ladik mountains; Sarayönü

Surrounded by the Ladik mountains; Sarayönü

The district, which generally runs in a north-south direction, is located in the southwest of the Cihanbeyli plateau. The district has a simple topography in terms of landforms. While the inner parts of the district show lowland features, the north and south are more rugged and mountainous. The most important of these mountains, which also draw the northern and southern borders of the district, are the Sultan and Ladik mountains.

The history of our district is very old. The lands of our district passed into the hands of the Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Alexander Empire, Romans and Byzantines. During the time of the Great Seljuk Empire, the Seljuk State of Anatolia (Turkey) and the Ottomans, it became a completely Turkish homeland.

The first people of Sarayönü made a living by caravanning. The salt taken from the Salt Lake basin by passing through the Cihanbeyli plateau was transported along the road to İzmir with rent.6 It shows that this road continued in centers such as Sarayönü-Başhöyük, Sarayönü-Karatepe, İbrahim Dede in the Iron Age. When we examine today's road routes, it is understood that the roads have been continuous since prehistoric times. The Mayken ceramics found in the Sarayönü-Başhöyük and Sarayönü İbrahim Dede settlements show that the Maykens did not reach Central Anatolia only from Cilicia by sea; It shows that they reached by Burdur, Akşehir, Sarayönü in the west.

According to the historical information about the establishment of our district, the two townspeople known as Saiteli (Kadınhanı) in the west of the city and Bozok province (öziçi) at the foot of the Lâdik mountains in the south wanted to get rid of the plunder of these armies because they were on the passage road of the crusader armies. For this reason, they migrated to the place called the upper quarter (Tolobası) where the lairs are located. Because there were safety and hiding opportunities in the lairs. That is why those who migrated from their towns became pioneers in the establishment of Sarayönü.

It is estimated that these lairs, known as "Tolobası", were used as both shelters and dwellings at that time. The name of our district is also connected to these lairs. Because of these lairs, which are likened to the palace in terms of its size, comfort and usefulness, it was also called "Sarayini". Over time, this name became "SARAYÖNÜ". According to a rumor, the name of the district is connected to the palace next to the lairs. Since the territory and settlement center of the district were in front of this palace, it was called "FRONT OF THE PALACE". This has become "SARAYÖNÜ" over time. The above two views give plausible information about the name of our district. Today, the lairs are closed.