Saturday, 02 December 2023
The Address of Blue and Red Quietness in Konya: Suğla

The Address of Blue and Red Quietness in Konya: Suğla

Lake Suğla, which is 130 kilometres far away from the city centre, hosts its visitors with its natural beauties in every season; however, the ebbs are causing concerns. A lot of people who are living the surrounding neighbourhoods of the coast of the lake, which is in the northeast and has an area of 16 thousand hectares, are earning their living by fishery.
The lake hosts about 20 different bird species and various fish such as mirror carp, crucian carp, and European chub, sand smelt, tinca and crayfish. 85 families in 4 different neighbourhoods earn their living by fishery.
The water level in the lake rises by 6-7 metres with the winter rains. But, nowadays, due to the seasonal drought, the water levels have decreased and the ebbs are being seen about 5 metres from the coast. The decrease of the water level in the lake negatively affected fishery as the agricultural irrigation has been used in the region.
Last year, fishermen used to catch about 15-20 kilograms of fish, but this year they can only catch about 3-5 kilograms of fish.
Some round wetlands have been observed in some parts of the lake due to the ebbs.
Fishermen have difficulty in going along the lake because their engines are stuck by algae in these wetlands and they have to go on their way by paddling.