Saturday, 02 December 2023
The Mevlana Rose Garden

The Mevlana Rose Garden

Karatay Lavender Garden, which has become one of the popular spots in the city after being established in Konya by Karatay Municipality in 2019, along with Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden, set up right across from the Lavender Garden, has been opened to the public for visitation.



The citizens immortalized their visits by taking numerous photographs. Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca also invited everyone to experience this unique visual feast in Karatay.



Karatay Lavender Garden, created by Karatay Municipality in Karaaslan Uzümcü Neighborhood in 2019, along with Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden, whose construction was recently completed in the same area, has opened its doors to visitors.



Despite being open for a short period last year, Karatay Lavender Garden was visited by tens of thousands of citizens. This year, it is expected to experience a similar influx of visitors.



In addition to Karatay Lavender Garden, Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden, which was completed right across from the Lavender Garden a few weeks ago, has also been opened to public visitation.



Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden, established in a 13,700 square meter area in Karaaslan Uzümcü Neighborhood, received high praise from the visiting citizens with its shaded swings, rose umbrellas, gazebos, rose-shaped decorations, walking paths, rose trees, and many other features.



On the very first day, Konya residents flocked to Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden, which quickly became their new favorite spot. Konya locals visited the garden, filled with numerous varieties of roses and various objects, and captured their visits by taking plenty of photographs to immortalize the experience.



The citizens expressed their admiration for the unique fragrance and colors spread around Karatay Lavender Garden and Karatay Mevlana Rose Garden. They thanked Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca, who brought these two gardens to Konya, for their establishment.