Saturday, 02 December 2023
The National Park in Konya is Attracting High Interest

The National Park in Konya is Attracting High Interest

The National Park, which was put into service in the Okçu neighborhood of Çumra, provides visitors with a pleasant time with its green areas and social facilities.


The National Park continues to be a popular destination for citizens.


The National Park, which opened on April 30th with the participation of citizens, has become the new attraction center of Çumra since its first day.


As the summer heat makes itself felt these days, visitors cool off and have a picnic in the green areas of the garden, while children enjoy themselves to the fullest in the park, which has various play areas for them. On the other hand, citizens who also benefit from sports equipment and walking paths enjoy the summer evenings with concert organizations at the cafe in the garden.


Çumra Mayor Recep Candan, stating that the National Park is a symbolic green space that connects people with nature and meets the needs for recreation, active living, and socialization, mentioned in his statement: "Since the opening day, our National Park has gained the favor of Çumra residents and has become one of the favored spots in our district.


With its lush greenery, refreshing air, and functional spaces, National Park has added value to Çumra. This beautiful oasis in the heart of Çumra received significant attention and was greatly loved by our fellow residents. As Çumra Municipality, we have made plans to offer more activities to our fellow residents who visit the National Park.