Wednesday, 24 July 2024
The New Destination for a Vacation in Nature: Karatay Caravan Park

The New Destination for a Vacation in Nature: Karatay Caravan Park

Camping tourism in natural environments and outdoors has become increasingly popular instead of crowded holiday destinations. Karatay Municipality Caravan Park continues to be the center of attention for tourists traveling to Konya from all over Turkey and the world with their caravans. Tourists who come to Konya for day trips or choose Karatay Caravan Park for accommodation are highly satisfied with both the camping area and the free services provided, and they want this service to be an example to municipalities throughout Turkey."

Konya's first and only caravan park, Karatay Municipality Caravan Park, continues to be the indispensable destination for local and foreign tourists who travel on tourist trips with their caravans.

Local and foreign tourists who travel with their caravans and come to Konya to visit the city's historical, cultural, and natural beauties do not leave Konya without staying at the 2,000-square-meter Karatay Caravan Park Area located at the intersection of Adana Ring Road and Ereğli Ring Road.

Everything has been thought for the visitors who stay at Karatay Caravan Park. In Karatay Caravan Park, which offers the opportunity to be in touch with nature, in addition to toilet, sink, and shower facilities, visitors also have access to free electricity and water to make their stay more comfortable.

Local and foreign visitors staying at Karatay Caravan Park express their great satisfaction with Karatay Municipality's service.

Tourists emphasize that they can meet all their needs free of charge in Karatay Caravan Park and that the fact that the services offered in the park are free is an important detail for them. They state that they want these types of projects to be an example to all municipalities in Turkey.

Foreign tourists who came from France to visit Konya said, "We found this camping area through applications belonging to France and when we came here, we saw that it was very well designed for caravan users. There are places for our caravan vehicles, tents, and accommodation. In short, everything necessary for caravan travelers is available here. We thank everyone who contributed to this."

Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca stated that efforts will continue to ensure that Konya, which is among the most visited cities by domestic and foreign tourists, also benefits from caravan tourism, and invited all guests to Karatay Caravan Park.

Mayor Kılca emphasized that enabling domestic and foreign tourists visiting Konya to stay in the city for even a day is important both in terms of promotion and economic gain, and added that they provide all kinds of facilities for tourists staying at the Caravan Park and that tourists who stay at the park leave Konya satisfied.