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“Tourist-Friendly Business” Starts in Konya

“Tourist-Friendly Business” Starts in Konya

The certification of tradespeople in the food and beverage sector, which have been active in Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, has started in Konya. A certification programme, which is supported by mobile apps, has been put into practice in order to promote gastronomy in Konya and increase the satisfaction of visitors via an initiative called “Tourist-friendly Business” prepared by KOTEV (Konya Tourism Promotion and Education Foundation) and supported by Konya Metropolitan Municipality. With the help of the app it will become easier for tourists to find different food, restaurants and cafes in different categories. The businesses which join the app will become more known and the gastronomy of Konya will become a brand. Moreover, with the application of “Tourist-friendly Business” the customers will have the chance of scoring the businesses and this will help businesses to have a clue about them. There will be a starring system in the app. According to the number of the stars, the businesses will be able to get supports and awards as a motivation. Customers will give points to the businesses instantly via IOS and Android applications and the average of their satisfaction will give the businesses to get a grade in their own categories. With this certification, to gain the trust of visitors will be possible and the promotion of taste corners of the city will be done.      
In order to get the “Tourist-friendly Business” certificate, the businesses will apply by filling the form in a link. After the first application period, other applications will be opened in different times. The total application process will be 6 months and at the end of this period, the restaurants which meet the criteria will be announced in the app. In the following 6 month period, these restaurants will be scored in the app by the tourists. After a one year period, foreseen categories will become prominent and the businesses will be starred according to their categories. The announcements related to the issue will be done by Konya Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen.  

Districts of Konya… Historical Places of Konya

The city of Konya has very important values ​​such as Mevlana, who has religious values.
Konya is a city with many places with religious values, natural beauties and many entertaining places. Konya has a wide range of places to visit. Konya is a city that was in a capital in the past.
Districts of Konya
Konya, which has a very large surface area, has 31 districts. Konya is a city neighboring to Eskişehir, Afyon, Isparta, Antalya, Karaman, Mersin, Niğde, Aksaray and Ankara.
Places to Visit
in Konya
Konya, which has the oldest history in Anatolia, is a very rich city in terms of culture and history. Konya, which has hosted many civilizations, has many historical artifacts such as madrasahs, tombs and inns from every civilization.

Alaaddin Hill
It is a hill located at an altitude of 20 meters in Karatay, one of the central districts of Konya. Alaeddin Hill, which is used as a recreation area, also has historical values.
Salt Lake
A part of the Salt Lake is located in Konya. The salt cover created by evaporation in summer is worth seeing.
Konya Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden is a travel destination where you can spend a very good time in touch with nature in a tropical environment with a very large butterfly flight area.

Beyşehir Lake
It is the third largest lake in Turkey. It has very beautiful views and small islands around it. You can go fishing to the lake. It is one of the natural wonders of the lake. It is a place visited by local and foreign tourists. It is one of the wonderful lakes in the world. It is a place visited by local and foreign tourists.
Meke Lake
It is a lake in the Karapınar district with islands around it. It is a lake that takes its name from the meke birds. It was formed naturally by the crater eruption of an extinct volcano.
Konya Science Center
Many scientific projects take place in the science center. There are an observation tower, laboratories, planet house, thematic exhibitions, library, open-air exhibition and conference rooms in the center.
Karatay Madrasa
Karatay Madrasa, one of the most important historical monuments of the Seljuk period, is one of the must-see places. There are many details that reflect the culture of the Ottoman and Seljuk periods.

Ancient City
It is an ancient city located in Çumra District. It is an ancient settlement.
Kilstra and Lystra
They are ancient cities that are 45 kilometers away from Konya. It is one of the historical places that should be visited, which is very similar to Cappadocia.
Mevlana Museum
It is a museum where Mevlana’s tomb is located with the philosophy of tolerance and meaningful and special words. There are many interesting details such as historical manuscripts and convent items.
Çumra Tulip Fields
Thousands of acres of colorful tulip fields in Çumra district should be visited.
Yerköprü Waterfall
Yerköprü Waterfall, located within the borders of Hadim District, fascinates visitors with its view.
Konya Archeology and Ethnography Museums:
Apart from these; Many historical places such as Eflatupınar Hittite Water Monument, Sırçalı madrasa, Vasada ancient city, Kubad Abad palace are located in Konya.