Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Yakamanastır Forest Nature Park

Yakamanastır Forest Nature Park

While flying with a parachute, the blue of Beyşehir lake and the magnificent view of Anamas mountains fascinate visitors.

Located about 6 km away from Beysehir district center, Yakamanastır Forest Natural Park offers its visitors a unique nature and forest view.

Yakamanastır Forest Natural Park has many activities for you, the visitors. For the guests who do not have a walking path, mountain bike, paragliding, camping, camping tent in the park, bungalow houses offer many entertainment opportunities and different opportunities for you to enjoy your holiday.

Yakamanastır Forest Natural Park is a great sightseeing spot for those who are thinking of a few days or a day holiday. The park is home to most activities to entertain its visitors. This park, which is a place where you can spend time with pleasure, gained this status in 2011.