Friday, 01 December 2023
Yerköprü Waterfall

Yerköprü Waterfall

Yerköprü Waterfall is a famous waterfall located on the Göksu River in the Hadim District of Konya, 110 kilometers from the center of Konya. The ground bridge Waterfall has a magnificent beauty that can enchant everyone without exception with its unique natural beauty. June, in particular, is the ideal month to visit this waterfall. In this month, especially when the flowers of many trees are added to the magnificent color of oleanders, the waterfall becomes a complete natural wonder.

The YerKöprü waterfall, as a formation, is on the old Göksu bed. Göksu River, which dives to the bottom about 30 meters here, there is a natural bridge over the river. Although this bridge-shaped place is very high and surrounded by rocks (about 300-400 m.), the bridge part is quite flat and is like a garden with many plants. In this bridge, about 30 meters above the river, a waterfall is formed by pouring the water from the bottom of the rocks into the exit of the tunnel where the river dives to the bottom. Therefore, the water that forms the waterfall does not come from the river, but from the source on this bridge. Therefore, since the water of the spring remains the same throughout the year, there is no damage to the vegetation on the bridge.

The waterfall is reached by various ways.
1.Way: Following the Konya - Hadim asphalt road, 121 kilometers from Konya exit, 10 kilometers from Hadim, Aladağ Village Road leaves on the left. After proceeding about 29 kilometers from this road, you come to the Bademli road junction on the right. When you turn to Bademli road and proceed about 600 meters, Yerköprü is reached. The total distance to Konya is 150 kilometers from this road.
2.Way: Following the Konya-Karaman Road, 60 kilometers from Konya exit, the Southborder District Road leaves on the right. After entering through this separation and advancing about 11 kilometers, you come to Elmasın Village. From Southborder District, after 21 kilometers to Kayaağzı Village, 10 kilometers from here to Habiller Village. After the village of Habiller, the road splits into two. One of the roads goes to the Karaman side and the other goes to the Hadim side. After 14 kilometers of entering the road leading to the Hadim side, you come to the Bademli Village Road junction from the left. If you turn left and proceed about 600 meters, Yerköprü will be reached. The total distance of this road to Konya is 116 kilometers. It takes 2.5 hours by private car from Konya.
3.Way: After passing through Pınarbaşı Village, Kızılyaka Village and Alanözü Town from Karaman, 14 kilometers after entering the road leading to Habiller Village Hadim, you come to the Bademli Village Road junction from the left. If you turn left and proceed about 600 meters, Yerköprü will be reached. The total length from Karaman to Yerköprü is 72 kilometers.