Thursday, 18 July 2024
Your House in Akşehir; Garp Hotel

Your House in Akşehir; Garp Hotel

Garp Hotel is the first and the only hotel which has game concept in the world. Moreover, it provides a unique accommodation experience with its different structure which is designed to  provide high quality and comfort to guests during business and vacation travels.
We present special experiences with new generation’s inimitable accommodation to our guests in calm atmosphere near the foothills of Sultan Mountains. It gives a personalized service concept beside eclectic architectural design and different kinds of approaches to accommodation.
Garp is a comfort zone for guests who want to feels like at home. Besides specially designed furniture, decorative accessories which have local breezes bearing welcome you in our hotel.
Different room options are avaliable in the Garp. High quality furniture, which is used for the decoration of the hotel, is also used in the rooms. Our hotel is decorated with traditional games which have strategic and intelligent philosophy . Also each room has a story and a private name. When we have a look at the names of the rooms we see the traditional Turkish theater locutions and Ottoman words, which are used to describe games. For instance;
Abdulcanbaz is the protagonist of a comic book called “Abdulcanbaz”  that was started to be drawn for Milliyet newspaper in 1957 by Turhan Selçuk.
Baziçe (toy, amusement), Kuşbaz (a person who breeds ornamental birds), Serbaz (fearless, brave), Dilbaz (chatty person), Hayalbaz (a person who makes shadowplay and galanty show), Ateşbaz (a person who plays with fire.), Sihirbaz (illusionist), Cambaz (acrobat), Şahbaz (hero, valiant), Oyunbaz (a person who loves to play games).
Akşehir which has been a center for many civilizations through Anatolian history and it keeps lots of cultural treasures. This makes the town a unique and popular place for the visitors.
Akşehir can be called as a cultural mosaic because of its historical importance. You can see  Byztantium, Ottoman, Seljuks and even Neolithic civilizations’ traces in the region. In Akşehir you can visit three significant museums which exhibit historical artifacts from Anatolian history. These museums are Nasreddin Hodja Archeological and Ethnography Museum (100m.), Stone Artifacts Museum (650m), and
 West Front Headquarters Museum (1km away on foot).
All these historical buildings which are in cultural heritage area can be reached on foot from Garp Hotel. (Historical Armenian Church-Priest’s House is 230 meters, Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani Tomb is 300 meters, Hasan Pasha Mosque is 650 meters, City Forest is 900 meters, and Hıdırlık Promenade is 900 meters away from the hotel)