Saturday, 02 December 2023
Zengibar Castle

Zengibar Castle

It is even difficult to keep a list of castles and historical monuments for Konya, a place famous for its history and structures and the capital of the Ottoman Empire. One of the castles that have also become ruins is the place called Zengibar Castle. The location on Konya – Steppe as a place and the ease of access also allows passers-by to examine the structure. The height of the castle, which is about 16 km inland from the steppe road, is 1860 meters. The castle, whose name was accepted as Isaura in ancient times, is built on a hill overlooking the region. This causes it to be a steep spot.

It is recommended that you plan your visit to Zengibar Castle, which is built on 1,816 m high Asar Hill, in the early morning in spring and summer, bring water and food with you, and spare at least two hours here. You will see that Asar Hill, with its height and suitable environment for natural life, is a perfect summit for establishing a fortified city in the part of the Central Taurus Mountains facing Central Anatolia. When you climb the hill, you will realize that the hill surrounded by steep cliffs is at a dominant point that can keep Konya, Seydişehir, Karaman, Hadim regions under control. You will think that this dominant hill was consciously chosen by the people of Isauria while watching the Taurus Mountains and Lake Suğla, if the weather is fine. With its natural fortifications, natural water resources and the surrounding agricultural lands, this place can easily accommodate a population of approximately five thousand people.

The castle was built on steep cliffs and with a selection of points that allowed complete control of the area. Seydişehir also impresses with its location because it allows you to see the Karaman and Hadim angles. The fact that it is located in a region rich in water resources also increases its value even more. Suğla Lake is visible from this castle.

The fact that it is in a situation where many regions of Konya are controlled has also allowed to gain advantages in terms of protection. The fact that a castle was built by the community living under the name of Isaura by calculating all of them also causes it to be understood that they were militarily successful.

As in the plan of the ancient city of Isaura, there is a necropolis in the immediate distance. Although the location is very beautiful, it has succumbed to history. Some parts of the castle's walls could be preserved. The fact that it is idle is the point that accelerates wear and extinction to a great extent. It is possible to visit the castle ruins in the open and capture as many photos as you want without paying any fee or requesting a Museumcard. It is also extremely difficult for you to have problems at the point of transportation because its height is below the roads built over time. To the Steppe It can be a pleasure to walk around when your path falls.