Monday, 20 March 2023
Konya Seker raises environmental awareness by planting over 20 million trees

Konya Seker raises environmental awareness by planting over 20 million trees

Konya Seker, which is one of Turkey's largest companies in sugar beet production, carries out a very important environmental project by planting over 20 million seedlings on 273 different routes in a distance of 5,000 kilometers in and around Konya.

The former waste site where the soil resulting from washing the beets at the Çumra Sugar Factory was deposited is being reforested. In an area of 25,000 square meters with a length of 25,000 meters, more than 5,000 trees will be planted. The first tree planting ceremony was carried out by PANKOBİRLİK President and Konya Sugar Beet Farmers Cooperative Chairman Ramazan Erkoyuncu.


In his statement made here, President Erkoyuncu said, "Our teams and employees have designed, fixed and reforested the area themselves. We see reforesting the area as a historical responsibility entrusted to us by this land. Reforesting an area of such significant scale will certainly contribute to the ecology of the Konya Plain in this region. I especially thank our nursery unit and all our colleagues who contributed to this project and wish them success in their work."


"In addition to reforestation, we will also establish solar power plants on an area of 80,000 square meters in this region. This project will also contribute to our country's economy, and I believe that transforming a neglected area in this way is of great importance for our economy."


The reforestation in the area located in the southeast region of Çumra, where Karadağ and the Konya Plain fit into one square, will also create a new and artificial reforestation area in the Konya Plain. Tree species such as pine, hornbeam, and cedar are being planted in the area. Thus, the reforestation carried out on the hill, which will turn into a social activity area for the local people with trees suitable for the region's climate and requiring little irrigation, will also make a significant contribution to preserving the ecological balance of the region. The 80,000 square meter area resembling an artificial hill is of great importance in terms of the environment, and with this project, an abandoned area will be reforested while preventing dust formation in the region. At the same time, electricity will be produced from solar energy, which is one of the most important needs of our country, in a wide area, contributing to energy production. Thus, Konya Seker will have signed a very important project in terms of the environment. The waste collection area, reforestation, and energy project will contribute to the environment.