Friday, 01 December 2023

Sille Museum

 Sille Museum, located on Hükümet Street, is one of the historical public buildings that have survived to the present day in Sille. Built in the 1930s, the two-storey building was used as Sille Primary School for a long time. It also served as a town hall for a while. In 1995-1996, Sille Carpet Cooperative operated in the building. The building, which is built in the plan of a traditional Turkish house with its hipped roof and bay windows has the appearance of a large mansion. The museum, which is one of the most magnificent buildings of Sille, is also one of the first tile-roofed buildings in Sille.

There is a sofa in the middle of the first floor of the museum, rooms around the sofa, and on the second floor there is a very large space at the entrance and rooms around it. The building, which has a small courtyard to the south, has three entrances: north, west and south. Since the elevation of Hacı Ali Ağa Street on the north side is high, the entrance on that side is slightly higher than the others. Due to the elevation difference, there is also a ground floor at the bottom of the building. The doors to the west and south are accessed by a staircase with 8-9 steps. The entrance to the ground floor is located at the bottom of the stairs to the south. The building, which was restored by our municipality between 2002-2004, was used as "Sille Culture House" until 2014. Culture and art activities have been organized here by associations and foundations operating in Konya, especially Konya Aydınlar Ocağı. The building, which was organized by our municipality as Sille Museum, was opened to visitors in April 2018.

The Sille Museum, located in Sille, Konya's 5,000-year-old historical neighborhood, sheds light on the past with its various cultural artifacts, while the rubber shoes exhibited in the museum are Konya's first patented product. The museum, which sheds light on the historical and cultural past of Konya and Sille, reveals the handicrafts and folkloric structure of Sille. In the museum, which sheds light on the 19th and 20th centuries, there are pottery and carpets of Sille, costumes, kitchen and bath culture. In addition, Konya's first patented product, a bath bowl with fish in it, are among the works that attract attention.