Thursday, 07 December 2023

Tractor Collection Transforms into a Museum

Businessman Muammer Deveci, who owns more than 20 antique tractors in Konya, aims to turn his collection into a Tractor Museum in Konya.


Businessman Muammer Deveci (64), who is also the President of the Konya Classic Car Enthusiasts Association, has a great passion not only for classic cars but also for antique tractors.


Deveci preserves more than 20 antique tractors, many of which are among the first to have arrived in Turkey, in the storage section of his factory. Muammer Deveci, who has been getting the antique tractors he acquired over the past 20 years restored, also has tractors awaiting restoration.


With a collection primarily consisting of tractors made between 1940 and 1970, mostly of German and British origin, Deveci expressed one of his main goals as increasing the number of antique tractors in his collection to around 100. He aims to transform this collection into a Tractor Museum in Konya.


Muammer Deveci stated his intention to further expand his collection and lead the establishment of a Tractor Museum in Konya. He mentioned, "We plan to extend our collection to around 100 antique tractors if possible, and transform it into a Tractor Museum in Konya. Here, we aim to showcase examples from the past to the younger generations and also explain how one can achieve such accomplishments despite challenges. These types of tractors were built around 1950; after World War II, in 1945, Germany was devastated, and London and England were in ruins. Yet, just five years later, 8 tractor factories were established in Germany, and 11 in England. This is the finest example of how hard work and determination can lead to progress in technology and civilization. Konya holds the utmost importance for tractors. It's an industrial region, the largest agricultural area, legume and grain hub of Turkey. It's also the region with the most tractors and the largest closed basin in Turkey. We believe Konya is the most fitting place for a Tractor Museum. We want to pioneer this initiative."