Saturday, 02 December 2023
Tourists Flock to Konya's Historical Bedesten Bazaar

Tourists Flock to Konya's Historical Bedesten Bazaar

The Historical Bedesten Bazaar in Konya is experiencing its busiest days. The shopkeepers are pleased with the crowd created by the citizens and expatriates busy with wedding preparations, as they are going through the period of the highest sales intensity throughout the year.


One of Konya's most popular shopping areas, the Historical Bedesten Bazaar, is experiencing busy days. People shopping for weddings and expatriate citizens prefer to do their shopping at the Historical Bedesten Bazaar. Shopkeepers, who say that the Historical Bedesten Bazaar is one of Konya's most visited places for shopping, shared their satisfaction.


Seyfettin Demirkol, the owner of Teknur Clothing, stated, "Expatriate citizens come to shop here intensively. Many people prefer to buy from here even if the prices are the same. They work there for a year, save up, and come to Turkey for vacation and shopping."


Muhammet Uçar, an employee at Aslanbey Clothing, pointed out that expatriate citizens shop intensively at the Historical Bedesten Bazaar. He said, "Every year, at the beginning of July, the Historical Bedesten Bazaar experiences a surge in activity. This place is one of the oldest bazaars in Konya. It is also one of the places where expatriate citizens shop most intensely. This year is no exception; we are experiencing a high number of expatriate shoppers."