Friday, 01 December 2023
Konya is the hope…!

Konya is the hope…!

Mustafa AKIŞ

Chief advisor of the President

TRT Board Member

Konya is the cradle of ancient civilizations, which I call the city where I was proud to be always in service, where I was born and filled with civilization. It is very pleasing for us to see Konya develop and become popular in every field.

In this sense, we congratulate The Konya News, which started its publication life in this city in foreign language. Every step taken in the name of carrying the message of the city, which has been enshrined and consolidated over the centuries, which carries out the good of all world humanity, to a universal dimension also excites us.

Konya has broken its shell in the last 18 years and pioneered resurrection, awakening and breakthrough in every field, in dignity befitting the successor of Konya Seljuk Civilization.
With negative, mostly false news, dirty perception management, all kinds of defamation and disinformation made on the image of Konya from dark sides, hits the admirable stance of the people of Konya living in these lands, which continues to produce value despite everything.

For 18 years, thanks to our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's view of the city and residents, Konya has flourished in every field and has supported the development of the country in economy, tourism, industry, trade, culture and sports.

In this sense, Konya is at the top of our cities, which took the lion's share of state investments in the 18-year AK Party rule.

It is seen that we broke the records of the history of the Republic in the export figures for 2020 shared by the authorities of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Konya. During the difficult pandemic period, while our country is going through economic difficulties, we sincerely thank all our industrialists who continue to produce with determination, diligence, with great faith, and give their country and state a shoulder by producing despite everything. 
Konya is the capital of faith, culture, civilization, peace and tolerance. In this sense, on behalf of people of Konya, we would like to thank to especially our President and everyone who contribute, support, serve and create value. Our city will continue to produce in every field, to add value and to be hope for all oppressed geographies in the most difficult times. In this respect, Konya has always been a city that guides all geographies looking for a way through all kinds of difficulties and darkness, like a lighthouse. Rumi, whose message has spread from Konya to the world, has been a light from this city with his ideas for humanity since his time and illuminated the road even in the darkest ages. Konya is a hope city.