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Sahib Ata Foundation Bathhouse: A Historical and Healing Experience

Sahib Ata Foundation Bathhouse: A Historical and Healing Experience

The Sahib Ata Foundation Bathhouse, located in the Ilgın district of Konya, is a historical bathhouse that draws attention not only with its historical texture but also with its healing waters.

Built in the 13th century, the bathhouse was commissioned by Sahib Ata Fahreddin Ali, an important statesman of the period.

The architecture of the bathhouse reflects the Seljuk bathhouse tradition. The square-plan bathhouse has 4 sections: the changing room, the cold room, the lukewarm room, and the hot room. The circular navel stone (central massage platform in a Turkish bath) and pools covered with domes are among the most striking elements of the bathhouse. Stone and brick were used as traditional materials in the construction of the bathhouse.

One of the most important features of the Sahib Ata Foundation Bathhouse is its healing thermal waters. These waters, coming from Ilgın Hot Springs, are known to be beneficial for many health problems such as rheumatism, joint pain, skin diseases, and respiratory diseases.

The bathhouse is still in operation today and is highly regarded by both domestic and foreign tourists. Visitors can benefit from the healing thermal waters in the bathhouse, get acquainted with the traditional bathhouse culture, and have a pleasant time in a historical atmosphere.