Monday, 26 February 2024
Sille's Historic Hacı Ali Ağa Bathhouse Under Restoration

Sille's Historic Hacı Ali Ağa Bathhouse Under Restoration

Historical assets are being revived in their original state through the work carried out by Selçuklu Municipality in Sille. In this context, the Sille Hacı Ali Ağa Bathhouse, which is approximately 150 years old, is being restored.

The Selçuklu Municipality is conducting restoration works on various historical structures in Sille, which boasts a rich cultural heritage, including religious sites, baths, fountains, and other historical buildings.

In Sille, where historical assets, which have managed to survive to the present day and are planned to be conveyed to future generations in the most accurate way, are most densely located, the restoration works of Hacı Ali Ağa Bathhouse are progressing at full speed. Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı inspected the ongoing restoration works at Hacı Ali Ağa Bath on-site.

Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı, indicating the restoration of another historically significant work, stated, "We continue to contribute to making Sille, which is rapidly developing and is a focal point of history in Konya, a tourism center in our country. Along with our projects, we are conducting the restoration of many historical areas in Sille. In this regard, we are restoring Hacı Ali Ağa Bathhouse, which has a historical background of 150 years, in accordance with its original form. After the completion of the works in the bath, which is one of the important projects that will contribute to tourism, a Tourism Information and Guidance Center will be established."